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Better Days, 

Like Never Before

Through serving simple yet delicious food, we aim to stay true to our commitment to better days for all 


Think you've tried great coffee?
Think again.

Better days, 

You can brighten your day with our all- day menu! It includes a plethora of food and beverage items such as coffee, ice cream, wraps and more! 


Feelin' thirsty?
We got you covered.

Better nights.

As night falls, our menu changes. We serve a range of alcoholic beverages, from draught beers to cocktails with delicious bites to complement your drinking experience


Just hear it for yourself...

"Great location, warm owners, great coffee and smoothie. Located on Level 4 of Beauty World Centre, it is right at the entrance of the bridge over Jalan Anak Bukit that leads into Rifle Range Nature Park and to the Green Corridor. Both of these are within 100 metres. How good is that!!"
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